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文章發表於 : 週六 9月 17, 2005 7:31 pm 

註冊時間: 週一 3月 14, 2005 5:27 pm
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來自: 一個沒有壞人的地方
就有關我早前張貼的 "703 及 903 解鎖成功第一步?". 內容清楚說明這只是一個非正式方法, 而亦例舉有關種種問題!

這個所謂 "解鎖" 方法只是供測試用途!

我本人及本網站租客 "謝利記" 亦從未提供收費之解鎖服務及售賣已解鎖之 703/903!

但遺憾是, 今天看到有人竟向其他人提供這個作測試用途的 "解鎖" 方法作 "收費之解鎖服務", 而且及大量售賣已 "解鎖" 之手機!

我想再次提醒大家, 這並不是一個正式之解鎖方法!

經與作者 T.L. 兄商討下, 他會考慮向大眾發放這測試程序, 所以大家無須急於購買及付高價去作出解鎖! 因為正式解鎖方法相信很快到來!

Dear members,

This is an official statement in regards to my previous postings about "First step in unlocking 703 & 903?".

I have clearly emphasized in that post that this is not a proper unlocking solution, and have listed all the problems of the phone after so-called unlocking process.

This "bad" unlock solution is for beta-tester's testing purpose only!

I, myself and Jerrykee, the rentee in this forum, have never offered any unlocking solution and/or selling unlocked 703/903 with this "bad" unlock solution to the public!

Today, I am sorry to see that there has been other places which is providing paid unlock service and also selling phones unlocked by this "bad" unlocked solution to the public! This might be provided by other beta testers of the solution.

I would like to remind all members that this is not a proper solution and it is full of bugs!

After some discussion with the author and owner of this unlock solution, Mr. the_laser is considering releasing this "bad" unlock solution to the public, in which he is also forced to do so!

Kenny Li


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